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Our Story


Our park model homes offer a  wide variety of options letting you customize your tiny home to perfection such as:

Stainless Steel Appliances • Gas Range • Gas Water Heater • Electric Fireplace • French Doors • Farm Sink • Composite Decking and Painted Interior walls.

One common standard for determining which materials and designs are used in our park models is the direct experience of the owner of our mother company living in the different cabins. Living in our cabins has been the best way to make the right decision. There are also numerous decisions we make based on our customers' ideas and comments. Safety is always the most important factor in building your customized cabin; we keep this in mind on every change or modification.

There are plenty of good reasons to purchase a Stone Canyon Cabin park model. Our trained employees help you make the decisions necessary to make the most of your tiny home. We invite you to tour our plant and experience firsthand how our cabins are made: all wood, no pre-fab.

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